Privacy Policy website Mercurius International

1. Management
The website is managed by Mercurius BV. The contact details can be found on the aforementioned website.

2. Personal details
Personal information may be used to determine your identity.
This includes details such as your real name, address, post code and telephone number. Information that cannot be used in direct connection with your actual identity (such as your favourite website or the number of users of a site) is not included.
You can view our online products without disclosing your identity.
When you register to use the Mercurius International webshop, we will ask you to provide details relating to the institution (school/nursery school/other organisation). You can provide these details by using the contact form or contacting us by phone or email.

3. Using your personal information
As stated on the website, in principle your personal details will not be provided to third parties not connected with Mercurius BV.
With your consent, we only use your details to make our website easier to use and to expand our services based on clients’ needs, such as providing information on the status of your order, or to simplify the order procedure.
We store your data on SSL-secured servers in the Netherlands. These are only accessible to a couple of specially authorised persons. Our servers only store data that enable identification for security purposes such as IP address, date, time and pages visited.

4. Changing personal details
You can see your personal details at any time under “My account/Company details” if you have logged in with your email address and password.
If you wish to change your details, please contact us through email.

5. Secure and risk-free purchasing 
See “Terms and conditions” on the website or click here.

6. Questions
Visitors with questions about this Privacy Policy should contact Mercurius BV. The contact details are provided on the website referred to in article 1 of this Privacy Policy.

Privacy Notice
  1. Note
    Our Company is sensitive to the private nature of information you provide to us over the Internet. Our Privacy Policy is designed to maximize your ability to protect your personal, private information while at the same time giving you the opportunity to obtain interesting and useful information, products and services. This Privacy Policy describes how we treat information you provide when you register on our site or purchase a product from us.
  2. Use of Information
    When you register on our site or purchase a product from us, you will be providing personal information to Mercurius International. Personal information includes your name, phone number, address, and email. How we use this information is described below.
    We also collect usage information when you visit us. Web site usage information is not personally identifiable. It describes how our Web Site is used and navigated, including the number of visitors to each Web page and the length of their stay. Web Site usage information also includes the domain names of browsers that visit our Web Site, time of day the Web Site was visited and other non-personally identifiable information. We gather this information so that we can provide content of interest to you and a site that functions correctly on your computer system.
  3. Your Email Address
    Whenever we collect your email address you will be given the opportunity to opt-out and not receive promotional email from Mercurius International. If you do not opt-out you will receive notices of special sales and newsletters from us. Mercurius International does not make your email addresses available to third parties unless you opt-in to receive email from other companies. If you no longer wish to receive promotional email from us, please contact us. We will, of course, continue to email you to confirm the receipt and shipment of your order.
  4. Your Mailing Address
    When you supply your name and mailing address it may be used to send you Mercurius International catalogs. If you do not wish to receive the Mercurius International catalog, please contact us.
    We occasionally share our mailing list of names and mailing addresses with other reputable manufactureres. Many of our customers are happy to receive these offers. However, if you do not wish for your name to be exchanged please contact us.
  5. Your Telephone Number
    Your phone number will only be used to communicate with you if there is a question or problem with your order.