For 50 years, musicians and educators came up with the idea of developing new instruments: for a different and deepened awareness of hearing and for a new, creative way of playing. In ten independent, non-profit workshops around Europe, inspired instrument builders created the extensive range of Choroi instruments which extends from elementary to professional music making. Today Choroi is known worldwide for its innovative, high quality music instruments.

Choroi instruments have a distinct, beautiful design and a clear, pure sound. They have been developed according to new findings in music pedagogy and can therefore be played differently than conventional instruments. The flutes for example, allow flowing and natural fingering, the percussion instruments, a tactile stroke and the harps and lyres, a brushed plucking. Choroi instruments also have a different sound: the flutes have a singing tone and the harps, one of radiance. What they all have in common is the sound that corresponds with the immediate environment. Many of their instruments are well suited to play in groups. The Quinta Pentatonic Flute, a classic among instruments for children, and the Interval Flute are particularly suitable for children who are novices at making music.

Choroi’s new understanding of hearing includes the belief that matter has an intrinsic sound quality which can be pleasurable. All matter carries “primordial phenomena of music” within itself. But the right form is needed to release the sound of this “hidden soul of matter”. During their search for the proper, beautiful and sounding form, Choroi developed a completely new design of instruments, like the half-open Children’s Harps and Lyres. 
In the area of sound phenomena, Choroi made several discoveries that lead to a number of patents. For example, special components in the instruments unite polar tone qualities like light and heavy to produce a lively, harmonious sound. With the human ear as a Goethean measuring device and the knowledge of the Choroi experts, who are in constant creative exchange with each other, Choroi continues to develop new musical instruments and music understandings.

All Choroi instruments are made in team work by experienced instrument builders and disabled or socially disadvantaged people who, in this way, make an important cultural contribution. Elaborate and patient hand work is as important for the making of a good instrument as it is to select high quality materials.

In this Mercurius catalogue you will find all Choroi music instruments for early childhood, kindergarten and school. 

Next to this in-stock collection, there are the so called “Atelier Instruments” like the Soprano Lyre, Solo Lyre, Cello, D Flute and Low Tubular Bells.
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