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Stockmar Coloured Pencils

Stockmar Coloured Pencils come with 26 exceptionally luminous colours. The colours have a pleasantly natural effect and harmonize with one another. A special colour coordination system which is based on the extended colour circle of Goethe. For a greater effect, the colours can all be mixed together.

These unique Stockmar qualities of colour harmony offer you the possibility to create your own assortment. Any colours you choose will stay in a harmonious match.

NEW: Stockmar Coloured Pencils
• 26 exceptionally luminous colours with a high proportion of pigment
• a unique colour coordination system offers the possibility to create your own harmoniously matched assortment
• a soft and powerful application of colour
• colours are water-resistant
• extra-thick lead (6.25 mm diameter/0.25 inch) in a handy pencil (10 mm diameter/0.39 inch)
• long life, as they are very easy to sharpen
• the wood of the pencil is made using untreated lime tree wood from sustainable forestry and FSC-certified
• plus graphite pencil

NEW: Functional Single Package
• 12 single colours in one package: each package shows all the available colours
• perfect fit, secure protected packaging
• front end – product information at first glance: brand, colour, item no., shape

The unique Stockmar concept of the extended colour circle of Goethe gives you the opportunity to create your own assortment by choosing your own harmoniously matched colours. In giving you the opportunity to make your own choice Stockmar developed a new alternate step out of their unique colour philosophy.

With your own individual idea and choice you can prepare your class in the right way. You’re the one who knows your students best.

Just to give you an idea of the various possibilities we worked out some proposals. Feel free to create more. All colours match with each other.

Two Original Stockmar Tin Cases
First choose which colours you need for your own individual class. Then decide whether you need a proper case for them. With two beautiful original Stockmar tin cases, you can easily put up to 13 pencils into an artfully designed tin case. Choose whether you prefer the colourful parrot or the beautiful swallow as a motive. Every tin case provides a triangular or hexagonal inlay.

NEW: Tin Cases – Store Your Own Assortment
• innovative concept
• your own style – your own assortment
• two beautiful artful designs
• up to 13 pencils in one tin case
• triangular or hexagonal inlay