Sculpting is a technique used to create shapes by carving and modelling. With simple techniques and tools such as a saw, grater, file, a gouge and some sandpaper you can easily manage materials, such as alabaster and soapstone and even marble. By experiencing and working with this technique, even toddlers can discover the shape they are looking for. Sandpaper and water will suffice for the toddlers. Children in the primary grades can get started with the rasp and file. The elderly and the young visibly enjoy this creative process, it also teaches them to think and work three-dimensionally. These tools and materials are from the well-known brands Kapra and Milani.

The brand Kapra is part of the Beeldhouwwinkel, who has developed their own tools. Mercurius works very closely with them in this area. The Beeldhouwwinkel not only sells tools and materials, they also take great pleasure in sharing their knowledge and experience. Their products are developed with love for the profession in association with new technical possibilities and responsible choices of materials. For many years the Beeldhouwwinkel has brought together the finest materials and tools which are made with great care and love, so you can work with them. They bring together the worlds of art, craftsmanship, craft tradition, design, personal expression, and above all: pleasure in sculpting. Mercurius is proud to start a new cooperation with Beeldhouwwinkel.