Sarah's Silks

Sarah's Silks

We are thrilled to announce the new close partnership we have developed with Sarah's Silks. Based in California (USA), this family-owned company has been importing sustainably-produced, hand-woven silks from China for many years.

Sarah sources her materials and products from a village near Suzhou. The workers - mostly women - generally work from home, weaving, dyeing, sewing and ironing the silk products. The dyes are non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly and do not contain any heavy metals.

Sarah's Silks pays their workers an above-average minimum wage, and also provides other incentives such as access to supplemental health insurance for them and their families. Sarah's Silks offers quality silk and cotton playcloths in radiant colours that inspire open-ended play, encouraging children to express themselves and the wonders of their imaginations.

Sarah's Silks products nurture the senses. The silk and cotton playcloths are available in an array of shapes, colours and sizes, encouraging 'open-ended play' and nurturing children's development. They are a wonderful way to spark children's creativity, letting them freely express their imaginations. Children who develop inner creativity at an early age grow up to become inventive, resourceful adults with a greater depth of creative thinking.

Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee, creator of Sarah's Silks, smiles while reflecting on her oldest son's early childhood days. 'Mom, I am a turtle today. I NEED some green to wear.' 'I need some wings to fly today - blue ones!' or, 'Logan is doing a play with me. She is the princess and I am the knight. We need some pink, purple and red colors.'

'First I reached for an old silk scarf. My son loved the smooth, silky feel. (Finally something he didn't declare itchy!). Soon I found myself dying squares of silks to support his play.'

'I discovered silks serve as wonderful props for almost any make-believe game. I began to think about my fellow Waldorf families searching for natural toys to enhance open ended play, and the idea evolved for a line of silk play items.'

Sarah's Silks Playsilks

These 100% silk playcloths are perfect for creative and open-ended play. They are light, yet strong, and the edges of each playsilk are hand-hemmed. All playsilks are colour-fast and hand washable; they can even be ironed on a medium setting. Available in three sizes.

Small playsilks (53x53 cm / 21"x21") are just right for little hands! Great for waving around while dancing, in creative play: green becomes grass, blue the water to sail a boat in. Many parents use them for peek-a-boo, to wrap little presents in, and for simple dress up.

The regular playsilks (90x90 cm / 35"x35") are great for dressing-up games, creating landscapes, as drapes for a puppet theatre, for performing magic tricks, juggling and much, much more. Available in eighteen beautiful, soft colours, and five enchanting blends.

The large silk scapes (90x275 cm / 35"x108") are ideal for draping as a canopy over a bed, a roof for the play stand, walls of a fort or as large landscapes and oceans. There are endless possibilities! Available in five enchanting blends; mixed colours, each with their own theme.

Sarah's Silks cotton playcloths

These large 115 x 185 cm (45"x72") hand-dyed cotton cloths are fully hemmed and extremely strong. They are perfect for making houses. The fabric gently lets the light filter through, creating a wonderful safe, secure place to be. There is no end to what a playcloth can be, making them favorites with kindergarten classes and primary schools. Available in six pastel colours and a rainbow blend.The playcloths are hand washable.