Flexible Classroom Bench – Improved Bochumer Model

By new insights, based on the original model, the improved model is now available. If you are sitting in a circle or in the traditional arrangement, when you are writing and painting on a table or balancing and gliding it is now all possible with this improved bench. These benches are traditionally manufactured in the workplace of the Rudolf Steiner School in Bochum (Germany). The improvement includes a 38 mm (1.49 inch) balance-beam that is placed on the crossbeam.

Spelt Wheat Pillow for Flexible Bochumer Classroom Bench
This 100% spelt wheat pillow has a pretty tough and abrasion-resistant cover of organic cotton and a firm pillowslip. The filling consists of 3200 g (7.05 lbs) spelt wheat. This ensures a deep and firm seat for the children, when they’re on top, but also when their legs are placed on both sides of the pillow. The autumn orange coloured pillowslip is washable at 40 degrees Celsius.

unit: cm / Inch G2 G3 G4
child's size 108-121 / 42.5-47.5 119-142 / 47-56 133-159 / 53-62.5
seat height 31 / 12.2 35 / 13.8 38 / 15