Choroi lyres and harps

Lyres and Harps

The harp may be the romantic poet's favorite instrument because of the soft, lingering tone which speaks directly to the soul. Children listen attentively to the sound of the harp and the Lyre. Pentatonically tuned Children's Harps, Inison Lyres, Kanteles and Children's Lyres are ideal for making music with small children.

Diatonically tuned Lyres and Bordun Lyres are well suited for children in grade school.

Prime Tone Lyre

The Prime Tone Lyre is a string instrument, especially made for the early musical development. All 9 strings are tuned to the same tone, so that a wonderfull, colourfull one-tone experience arises.

It is possible to adjust the tone of your Prime Tone Lyre within a perfect fourth interval. So eleven Prime Tone Lyres can produce a diatonic scale from c' up to f''.


When the old Väinämöinen sang the Finnish national epic Kalevala, he played the first Kantele and all animals from the woods and all of the people listened with fascination.

Even today, the sound of this plucked instrument enchants. The first mythological Kantele was made of birch wood, the Choroi Kantele however is solid ash wood. The transparent design and lemniscate inside reminds us of the Finnish primary model. The traditional way to play this instrument is on your knees, but you can take it in your hands too.