Choroi flutes

For more than 50 years, Choroi-musicians, teachers, therapists, instrument makers and co-workers developed innovative music instruments which can lead to new experiences. On one hand they are designed for a heightened listening perception. One becomes aware of a more subtle sound quality, of the materials from which they are made and of the space in which they resound. On the other hand, Choroi is developing instruments which are easy to manage and to play for everyone, adults and children. With Choroi instruments, music-making becomes infinite, which is especially important for the healthy development of children.

• easy intonation and light playing

• relaxed, natural breathing technique

• clear, harmonic group sound

• ideal for making music together

• made of solid European wood, with linseed oil finish

• easy to manage and maintain

Choroi flutes find the tone which fills the space and lets it vibrate. Unlike normal recorders, the foundation for the tone creation is the free flowing breath, while the lips remain relaxed. This gives the Choroi flutes their distinctive, singing sound-character. With their easy tone forming quality and clear and harmonic group sound, the new Quinta Pentatonic Flute and Octa C Flute, received a positive response worldwide.