Choroi Atelier instruments

Choroi was founded in order to create a new space for developing ideas and insights about music today. New instruments could be developed and new forms of working together in teams, national and international - an early stage of globalization, based on brotherly/sisterly sharing and acting, whereby the human being stands in the center, rather than product and profit.

The collection of Choroi instruments Mercurius is offering, is the visible and audible result of these efforts.

On this website you will find all Choroi music instruments for early childhood, kindergarden and school.
Next to this in stock-collection, there are the so called 'atelier instruments' like the (Large) Soprano Lyre, Solo Lyre, Tremble Harp, Cello, D Flute and Low Tubular Bells.
  • enchant with their warm, open sound
  • touch our senses
  • have an appealing organic shape
  • stimulate children‘s development
  • enable making music in a group
  • are built especially for children

Atelier instruments are not in stock and have to be ordered separately.
Please contact us if you have any questions about the availability and prices of Choroi atelier instruments.