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Choroi childrens lyre 12 str

Article number 55121000
Children’s Lyre Ash Wood - 12 Strings
The Children’s Lyre is made from a single piece of ash or maple wood. It has an open resonating body. In terms of tone, range and playing technique, it forms a bridge to the larger chromatic lyres. It can be tuned diatonically or pentatonically and it is possible to play all types of scales, minor as well as major. This means most folk songs and other simple melodies can be played on it. It has 12 steel strings.

Diatonic range: c’-d’-e’-f’-g’-a’-b’-c’’-d’’-e’’-f’’-g’’;
Pentatonic range d’-d’-e’-g’-g’-a’-b’-b’-d’’-e’’-e’’-g’’