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Choroi bordun lyre 16 str

Article number 55122001
This Bordun Lyre is a very versatile instrument that is used primarily in groups. Tuned to chords and notes, it provides an extremely easy way for accompanying songs. The strings, bass and treble, are tensioned across the body, facilitating on the one hand, differentiations of dark and light sounds, but also accompaniment in various scales. 16 steel strings in 2 rows, basic descant tuning, treble strings: d'-e'-f#'-g'-a'-b'-c#''-d'', bass strings: d-a-a-d'-d'-d'. All strings can be re-tuned within the range of a fourth (a minor third up or down) from the basic tuning.

The Choroi lyres and harps were created through a striving for a characteristic, radiant tone deriving its intensity from the properties of the different types of wood used in their construction. Through carefully formed ""organs"" inside the instruments, these qualities of the wood are brought into connection with the resonating instrument cavity. Variously shaped sound openings mediate between this inner space and the space around the instrument. Through this interaction, a mobile equilibrium arises, giving the tone a living quality.

All the instruments are built with the highest quality craftsmanship from naturally colored, carefully aged wood. In our striving for a beautiful finish, we work with traditional methods, including the use of natural resins and hand polishing.