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Choroi Alto flute

Article number 55105000
The Choroi Alto F-Flute differs from the traditional flutes especially by its warm and carrying tone. It interferes, as all Choroi instruments, in a unique way with the space and blends in the tone formation.

This completely newly developed Alto F-Flute has a stronger tone in the base octave, but also has the characteristic, singing sound character, which is so important for a consistent ensemble in a group.

The Choroi Alto F-Flute is easy tone forming and is suitable for children from grade 4 or 5. The finger placement of this flute is similar to that of the traditional baroque fingering.

When playing together with traditional flutes the Alto F-Flute has a bearing, enclosing and connecting role.

The construction of the tone block and labium ensure that this flute, in addition to good sound quality, is also easy to take care for.

The Choroi Alto F-Flute is suitable for inexperienced, but also very skilled players and can be used when playing traditional or contemporary music and free improvisation.