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Handwriting practice book

Article number 15115004
Handwriting Practice Books. This book's design is based on the work of Els Gottgens, a Dutch Waldorf Teacher. The writing area has three stripes, two green and one pink. The upper and lower green stripes are each about 9mm (0.35 inch) wide. The bottom of the pink stripe is the base line. The student has to work carefully to write the upper parts of letters into the upper green stripe and the lower parts into the lower stripe. In the staple-bound book, each page has the green and pink writing areas on it. In the spiral-bound version, handwriting 120 gsm (31lb.) pages are alternated with blank 120 gsm (31lb.) pages.
Pack of 10 books. Packing unit: 10 books, 24 pages, A4 landscape format (11.69x8.27 inch), cover pink.