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Pillow 100% Anti-Allergic

Article number 50450225
Pillows for Flexible Bochumer Classroom Bench

These pillows have a nice heavy, durable and abrasion-resistant sleeve of organic cotton (100% kbA cushion cover) with a firm ticking. We offer a choice of two different fillings; 100% kbA spelt wheat or 100% kbA latex flakes (anti-allergy). The spelt wheat pillow stuffing contains 3200 g (7.05 lbs) of spelt wheat. This ensures a firm and profound seat for children, when they sit on top, but also when their legs are placed on both sides (horse-sitting position). The autumn orange cover is washable at 40 degrees Celsius.

kbA = Kontrolliert Biologischer Anbau (Controlled organic farming).

The cushion retains its firmness and volume for approximately 2 years, after which we recommend filling the cushion. For this you can order bags of 1 kg spelled filling from us (see art. 50450252).