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Stockmar Display Complete

Article number 85093081
This beautiful Stockmar display shows the complete selection of Stockmar coloured pencils. On one side are the triangular pencils and on the other side the hexagonal pencils are filled. This display offers space for up to 48 x 15 coloured pencils, sorted over 24 x 15 pens, divided into
the 48 compartments, for an optimal color effect . Each display comes with 30 information sheets and 2 test blocks for colour tests.

This complete Stockmar display is supplied with all pins for filling. 

Honeycomb display - COMPLEET Loose colours: 24 colours triangular (15 pens each), 24 colours hexagonal (19 pens each)

Assortments: 2 x 12+1 triangular, 2 x 18+1 triangular, 1 x 24+1 triangular. 

Dimensions: L 57.5 cm, W 49.8 cm, D 15.5 cm  

*This display is for the German market